It is with food that the Lebanese express their generosity and hospitality. The most casual and fast offered is a cup of coffee, which is the strong Turkish variety with a thick sediment. It is served often and is an important part of the Lebanese way of life. It is served in tiny cups and the sediments is left in the bottom. The Lebanese cuisine will please the gourmet, because it is produced by a people who love the good food as well as good company.

The ideal Lebanese meal starts with "Mezza"(hors d'oeuvres) served with drinks. Then comes the main course usually consists of a meat, cooked vegetable, together with the usual accompaniments of salad, bread and the most important is the Lebanese olives, whether black or green. At the completion of the main course, fresh fruits are placed in the centre of the table and coffee is served, as well as sweet pastries "Baklawa" or puddings.


Is a selection of hors d'oeuvres, often comprising thirty or more small dishes. It is traditionally served as an appetiser but due to its variety it is eaten as a meal in itself. The most popular alcoholic beverage is the "Arak" extracted from grapes flavoured with aniseed, besides various wines, beers and sodas. Now to make up mezza you may choose a selection of "kibbi, nuts, pickles, dips such as "hommus" & "baba ghannouj","tabbouleh", grape vine rolls (with meat or parsely)and the various savoury pastries. You will be able to find different mezza dishes, healthy and easy to prepare.